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A Growing Family! | Waterloo Baby Photography

Just look at those expressions! This sweet family has been in front of my camera before and I was honoured to be asked to capture another magical event for them. We had a wonderful morning in their Waterloo home for our photo session. Baby A is adorable. Loved to bits by his older brother and doted on by his parents. Full of smiles, and not very sleepy. But who would be when there was so much going on to investigate?

I love this photo of baby A with his brother. I couldn’t get him to look my way no matter how I tried – his eyes were fixed on his big brother. I think these two are going to have such a special relationship!


After capturing some special moments inside, we decided to take a walk on a trail nearby the house. We found sticks, looked at insects and had a bit of playing time while the sun faded in and out behind the clouds.

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