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Get into Those Photos | Waterloo Lifestyle Photography

A few years ago I sat at my laptop with my daughter. She was about 4, and we were looking at photos. One of her favourite things to do! She asked lots of questions about the aquarium we were visiting. After seeing the photos of her, dad, and Oupa with starfish, penguins, eels and even ragged-tooth sharks, suddenly she turned and looked at me, exclaiming: “MOMMY! Where were you when we were at the aquarium?”.

Of all the photos from that trip, I could only find two with me in them. I mumbled something to her about having taken the photos and not being in them, instead of trying to explain to her that I had felt a bit frumpy that day. I had recently gained a bit of stress weight, my hair was being awful and wild from the sea air and I sure as heck did not want to document that.

I realized then, that she didn’t care about how awful I thought I looked. She just wanted to know that I was there, too, having a fun day with her. I thought back to my own family albums. The ones with the sticky pages (am I giving my age away?). I remember paging through those countless times growing up and I loved each and every photo. Especially the ones of my mom and I together. I’m so glad to have those small moments of my personal history, frozen in time. Even now, whenever my mom visits I make sure I have LOTS of photos of us together.

getintothosephotosSince that day with the aquarium photos, I have made a point to hand my husband the camera during each trip we go on (I’ve even learned to be ok when they turn out blurry 😀 ). I am proud to say that in our annual photo book there are many photos of me with my children! Some days my hair is crazy. Some days I feel fat. Some days I look/feel like something the cat dragged in. (On occasion it is ALL of those!) But I am in the photos. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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