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My Squirrel Confession

Yes, I hear you. Squirrels are pests. They make nests in chimneys and chew through things they shouldn’t. They eat the strawberries you’re trying to grow in the yard, and they are pretty darn messy.

But they are so cute! And fluffy. And they have cute bulgy eyes. And they look adorable when they’re stuffing their cheeks.

For Christmas I asked for a feeder to put outside with peanuts for the squirrels, and we’ve loved watching the live critter show in our tree ever since. Then one day I looked out and there she was. This teeny, adorable, full-of-attitude, bad-ass red squirrel. She chased away the birds and other squirrels that are twice her size. I was instantly turned into a puddle of mush. A 25kg bag of peanuts made its way into our garage and the feeder has been stocked ever since. She visits us pretty much every day, and every day I squeal like an idiot when I see her. The kidlets ended up calling her Chip-chip or Chippie. And did I mention that she is so freaking cute?

Lately we’ve had lots of crows eating the nuts (so many that I’ve put some nuts in a planter that doesn’t yet have flowers in,Chipsquirrel so that she will still have nuts even when the feeder is empty). After looking out into the yard last week I said to the husband-person: “These darn birds are eating all the squirrel food! I need to google ways to keep them out.”
He gave me a look that I would imagine is reserved only for unpredictable wild animals and slightly insane people. “You do realize that normal people want to keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders right?”

Of course. But normal is so overrated.

The other day we were watching her eat and kidlet #1 said to me: “Hey mom, what if Chip-Chip is an evil queen from another land and all she wants is a human slave?”

Well then, I would say, she is highly successful.


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