Hello, and welcome! It's me, Verity. This site is fueled by photos, dark chocolate and cheese (sometimes even eaten together). I frequently write my posts at night when I'm tired. You have been warned.
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me_beautifulchaos“Mom, you have a flappy bum!” he says, poking at my backside as I’m busy doing laundry one afternoon. Uhm, what? What does that even mean?

And then I turn around and see the glint in his eye as he giggles. I always think that there must be some level of insanity that kicks in as we’re giving birth. Necessary so that our children will live to see another day. Because when he smiles at me with that naughty flash in his eyes, my heart turns mushy and “flappy bum” turns into the best compliment he could ever give me. Yup. Insane. But I’m sure you’ve felt it, too.

I believe that there is magic in the simplest moments of life. That even when you’re running on just a few hours of sleep and feel like you need a coffee IV to get through the day, there are quiet moments of reflection and love. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time as a parent, it’s that sometimes minutes drag by and feel like hours. Yet years fly by and you find yourself looking back, wondering where the heck they went. Trying to hang onto each memory. Every cute thing they said and did. Every stage that they went through. At the time it felt like it would last forever. But it never does. It just makes way for the next cutest (or sometimes pretty darn annoying) thing ever.

And this is what sparked my love for documentary photography. Capturing the moments. All the little details of family life. The wonderful, the awful, the sad, the upset – all of the beautiful emotions that we feel while raising a family while holding onto who we are as individuals.

Do you enjoy fishing together? Walks on the beach? Making s’mores? Going to the playground? Building a blanket fort and snuggling up to watch a movie? The possibilities are endless, so Contact me today and let’s capture your favourite moments.

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