At the time of writing this, I’m sitting outside in the sunshine. Chipsquirrel is sitting on the fence munching. And my legs are aching. The ache of a serious workout including a 4:33 wall sit. This was after a jog and doing uphill traveling jump squats. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be doing this I’d have laughed. Not because I hate exercising – I love it! (Except running. I hate running. But that’s a story for another day.) But because I never […] Continue reading →


Just look at that smile! Pure joy! I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this sweetheart FOUR times already. From the time she was still inside a gorgeous bump, through her newborn, 6 month and now her 1 year photos. I get excited every time her mom emails me and this time was no exception. Oh, how she’s grown! Her mom and dad are both musical and dad plays the drums so we had to include that in the session. And a kiddie set of drums in my Kitchener studio was the perfect way! […] Continue reading →

Yes, I hear you. Squirrels are pests. They make nests in chimneys and chew through things they shouldn’t. They eat the strawberries you’re trying to grow in the yard, and they are pretty darn messy. But they are so cute! And fluffy. And they have cute bulgy eyes. And they look adorable when they’re stuffing their cheeks. For Christmas I asked for a feeder to put outside with peanuts for the squirrels, and we’ve loved watching the live critter show in our tree ever […] Continue reading →


A few years ago I sat at my laptop with my daughter. She was about 4, and we were looking at photos. One of her favourite things to do! She asked lots of questions about the aquarium we were visiting. After seeing the photos of her, dad, and Oupa with starfish, penguins, eels and even ragged-tooth sharks, suddenly she turned and looked at me, exclaiming: “MOMMY! Where were you when we were at the aquarium?”. Of all the photos from that trip, I could only find two with me in […] Continue reading →

Just look at those expressions! This sweet family has been in front of my camera before and I was honoured to be asked to capture another magical event for them. We had a wonderful morning in their Waterloo home for our photo session. Baby A is adorable. Loved to bits by his older brother and doted on by his parents. Full of smiles, and not very sleepy. But who would be when there was so much going on to investigate? I love this photo of baby A with his brother. I couldn’t get him to […] Continue reading →


Meet Harry


So. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am arguably the most fearsome plant murderer on this side of the equator. My mom can put a dry stick into the ground and it will grow. My dad has that ability, too. Clearly that gene skipped me, because I seem to kill any plant that has the misfortune of being brought into my home. (Let me add here, things that I have successfully kept alive: kids, dogs, cat and husband. I call that a win!) The other day I was strolling who am I kidding, I never […] Continue reading →


I’ve photographed Mr E a few times over the past two years and every. single. time. I have been blown away by just how much personality is stuffed into his little body! At three years old he radiates with pure delight and love for living. He runs. He plays. He shrieks and giggles. And it’s infectious – each time I photograph him I leave with my heart bursting. I’m sure that if I could bottle up his laughter and enthusiasm I’d be a millionaire. But while working […] Continue reading →

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ONE whole year old. Such a milestone! One means so many special things for this little guy. Chunky thighs. BIG smiles. Crawling super fast. Throwing toys, as well as the letters O, N and E while laughing like crazy. It feels like yesterday when my eldest turned one. We had a big party for her (and ourselves). We’d all survived the first year and were excited to see what year two of being parents would bring. We were also excited to see the new things she would learn, the skills she […] Continue reading →

Our Christmas Giveaway has closed and I am pleased to announce that the winner drawn by is Brittany Gillingham After the winner was picked, Crystal from Your Health-Your Choice and I were chatting and we got so excited about the giveaway that we decided to pick ANOTHER name for our amazing prize. Because, Christmas! And that’s how we roll 🙂 Congratulations to Terri-Lynn Sharma for winning our second prize. I can’t wait to meet each of you and do our session […] Continue reading →

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting thinking about Christmas traditions. Christmas was always a special occasion growing up, and we had a season filled with tradition. The tree and decorations would go up on the 1st of December. On Christmas eve we were allowed to open up *one* gift… but only if we stayed up after midnight! Christmas morning would be filled with wonderful smells, reading of the christmas story before opening gifts, followed by a lovely breakfast. But one of my […] Continue reading →

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